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Experienced in high-end creative retouching, Galih Suprayogo is known for creating intricately detailed additions and diligently precise corrections to a huge spread of photographic works. A photography industry professional since 2002, his evolution into a superior photographic retouching blossomed as a senior photographer with a high-quality photography company from 2007 – 2012.

Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Galih is a seasoned high-end retoucher recognized especially for fine detailed work. Uniquely well versed in technological editing techniques, he’s got a flawless eye for lighting, alternative coloration, and perfected attraction.

Galih’s ability to create stylized beauty emerged from his work with the fashion industry and this aptitude puts him a tier above the already excellent photographic retouchers on the market. Galih’s understands the upscale fashion industry because of his years of experience, has worked for many photographers and advertising agencies, internationally. He’s unswervingly diligent in his dedication to satisfying his clients and is willing to go the distance to refine your beauty image.


My rates depend on your images, so I need to see them before I can answer that question.

I charge hourly, I need to see raw sample image first to determine how long editing will take. The quote is usually a fixed amount.
If you don't have images yet, send me some info about what you are doing and I can give you an estimated range the price, which may differ slightly from the final amount.

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